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Twilight Robert Pattison


From wizard to vampire, Robert Pattison became an instant star when his movie “Twilight” exploded at the box-office.

I first seen this guy when he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Now, a big change.

I myself would admit that I’m still having this hang-over upon seeing the movie.

Honestly, I do no know this guy very much. Maybe some of you don’t rally know him also.

But life like this especially in SHOWBIZ world.

Why posting blog about him? Of course, his famous right now.Things you must know him :

He has lead roles in the the forthcoming feature films Little Ashes, in which he plays Salvador Dalí, How To Be, a British comedy, and the short film The Summerhouse. In January he will begin filming a project called Parts Per Billion, which he calls “one of the most lyrical scripts that I have ever read in my life”.

After the success of Twilight, Pattison received a number of offers from Hollywood including the role of Gambit in the next X-Men movie but he declined because his priority is the sequel to Twilight called “New Moon.”

Amazing isn’t it?

I am looking forward to this above-mentioned sequel……


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My first Sony experience is with my Sony MD Walkman

Presently, I am in my 4th year 2nd semester in my course, BSIT, right now. What I am about to post here is my experience having a product made by the one and only, SONY.

From the title, you can predict that what I will be sharing here is about this MD-Walkman.

Way back in my 3nd year in High School, that’s about 5 years ago, I could still remember my classmates having and bringing their CD Walkmans. I can’t state and remember what’s their brand. All i know is that, most of that WALKMAn were not manufactured by SONY.


Of course as a music lover, I myself would beg for them just to let me borrow their precious and well-cared CD walkman. I keep on day-dreaming in having that stuff.

But one incredible day in my life, I received this thing, “Sony MD Walkman”.
Wow! Amazing! Speechless! Mixed emotions! These were the some things i felt that time. Actually, the MD walkman was given by my OLDER sister living in Australia.

Days in my life having this elegant and precious stuff?

Incredible! I received my MD at night, so by morning…..SCHOOL DAY, i brought the thing!

EYE-BULGING! That was some of the reactions I saw with my classmates upon seeing the MD.

Imagine!? A CD walkman can accommodate only up to 20 – 22 songs especially when it is not mp3 compatible! My MD? Wahahha! 4-CD equivalent….. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s why having this stuff really gave me a great time in my high-school life especially in our siesta hour. Not only myself enjoyed using it, even my classmate and my family.

That time, I felt rich and famous! Since I was the sole man using and having that MD walkman from SONY! Maybe perhaps, others owned it! But for me and for what see around me, I’m the only one having that.

SONY really have this great mine in PRODUCING great stuffs and technologies!

Upon writing this blog, I took a picture of my MD…TAKE NOTE! Still functioning very well…..Amazing!

DSC00167 DSC00168 DSC00169


It definitely gave significance in my life just like the World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series, which will be really of great help in my future job in the field if IT.