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Experts say that within the next ten years, it is likely that viewers will be able to pop a contact lens into their eye and watch TV via the lens


Imagine, this lens will be powered by our body heat and upon changing channels we will be using our voice or just by waving our hands. Isn’t it amazing? Well, that according to the report on home entertainment compiled by the Future Laboratory consultancy.

If this will be realized, of course no one could ever tell what TV show we are watching.

Sounds great and fun.

There’s more…..

Ever heard before Virtual Reality?

I could associate this stuff from the movie, THE MATRIX. Remember the thing being worn in there head? The one being covered in their eyes?

‘We could even get to the point where we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in a football game, making it feel like you’re running alongside your favorite player or berating the ref,’ the report states.

Really amazing!

Still wondering if this will be realized?

Miriam Rayman, of the Future Laboratory consultancy, said that most of this technology already exists.

‘The technology is getting smaller and smaller and people are trying to work out how to make it more immersible. They are trying to bring it closer and closer to the eye,’ Rayman told the Daily Mail.

Can’t believe still? Lolz! Let’s just wait for this time to come.