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Why should you get your iPhone 4S from Globe, we let you count the ways

Just days after receiving the first stocks of the much-anticipated iPhone 4S, Globe Telecom counts the ways why you should get your iPhone 4S from the one who knows the roster of Apple devices best.

Topping the list is the exclusive trade-in scheme for existing iPhone users who want to upgrade their Apple devices for the ultimate experience. Users of Globe-issued iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in good working condition can trade-in their units at a specified trade-in value, which may be applied and treated as a discount for qualified purchases or availments of iPhone 4S at designated Globe stores and launch venues on December 16, 2011. The scheme applies for all existing prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Globe.

Aside from the trade-in, Globe subscribers can also purchase a case for their newly-bought iPhone 4S at 20% off the original price. Dress up your newest Apple baby in time for the holiday season by taking advantage of this exciting discount available untilDecember 31 only from Globe.

The iPhone 4S is best enjoyed with a slew of mobile applications to take your smartphone experience up a notch. By getting the much-talked about device from Globe, you are also rewarded with free applications – from games, social networking, lifestyle, to entertainment and sports. Just text REWARDS APP to 4438 on your iPhone 4S to get your dose of free apps. An exclusive app for Globe subscribers using the iPhone 4S who want to check their balance is also available for free. Through this app, users can subscribe to a wide array of text, call and mobile browsing promos with a simple touch on the screen. Talk about form and functionality, brought to you by Globe! Just text IPHONE to 2222 for free to download the app.

And because the iPhone 4S is such an amazing device, Globe pairs it with its equally amazing postpaid plans that are customizable, consumable and affordable. Under the different plans are bundled offers, which include unlimited access to mobile internet. Globe understands that the iPhone 4S is a data-intensive smartphone, with users more prone to bill shock because of features such as Siri and iCloud. With Globe data plans giving users unlimited mobile internet with fixed charges, there’s no way you’ll receive postpaid bills that will make your hair rise.

“Globe is off to a great start with iPhone 4S and it’s looking to become a hit with our customers,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Adviser for Consumer Business of Globe Telecom, “On top of the great value-for-money plans that we have lined-up for our customers we are giving them the power to choose what plan they want to go with iPhone4S, so they can enjoy this breakthrough device their way.”

On top of giving customers the power to choose their own plans, they can also order their iPhone 4S devices through various options — they can have it picked up at all Globe stores nationwide or they can choose to have their iPhone 4s delivered by calling the Customer Sales hotline at 730-1010, or ordering online via

The number of online pre-orders for iPhone 4S on Globe Telecom’s pre-order website continues to swell, with thousands signing-up for the latest iPhone model, outpacing the volume of orders when Globe launched the iPhone 4 last year despite being carried by another operator. Globe started taking pre-orders for iPhone 4S last December 1, 2011. To place an order, log on to at

So you’ve counted the ways why it’s best to get your iPhone 4S from Globe. What are you waiting for? Take that big bite and be part of the Apple-mania once again with a thousand reasons more.