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Globe takes you to the world of megabytes-based plans

So you’re a mobile internet addict. You find solace sitting in a corner surfing the World Wide Web using your trusty smartphone. You respond to an e-mail, download a gaming application, post a status on Facebook, re-tweet a nice quote on Twitter, upload photos and stream videos, search Google, browse movie schedules, or chat with friends. Your phone has become as dynamic as your lifestyle, keeping you connected anytime, anywhere.


But do you know that you can maximize your mobile browsing experience based on your surfing activities and sites you visit by choosing the right MB based plan? Globe Telecom, voted as the most popular service provider for mobile internet services in the Yahoo! Net Index 2011, gives you the power of megabytes (MB) in mobile browsing via Globe PowerSurf, a consumable mobile internet plan that allow you to have full control over your mobile browsing usage so you can surf wherever, whenever, whichever way you choose.


Available to Globe and TM subscribers, PowerSurf MB is best if you’re the type who wants to stay connected all the time with regular feeds from your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It’s also best suited for those who want to keep their apps updated and constantly receive notifications. These updates and feeds usually consume very minimal internet data or KB, which allows you to stay connected over long durations. PowerSurf MB promotes KB-based browsing, which means you can stay connected and only get charged once you send or receive data. And since PowerSurf gives you bulk megabytes (MB) of mobile internet, which is consumable per kilobyte (KB), you can stay connected longer.


Curious about how much KBs or MBs are consumed when you visit your favorite internet sites on mobile? 1 instant messaging/chat is worth 10 KB, 1 Facebook or Twitter post is 20 KB, 1 webpage view is 200 KB, 1 email with Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachment is 300 KB, 1 download/upload of file is 500 KB, 1 minute of video streaming is 3.5 MB, and 1 download of an application/game/song is 4 MB. You do the math and see which Globe mobile internet plan best fits you and your budget.


PowerSurf MB comes in different variants: PowerSurf 15, PowerSurf 30 and PowerSurf 50 are available for prepaid subscribers. PowerSurf 15 has 20MB for P15 valid for 1 day, PowerSurf 30 has 50MB for P30 also valid for 1 day, while PowerSurf 50 has 100MB for P50 valid for 3 days. Prepaid subscribers looking for PowerSurf plans that have longer validity or higher MB allocation can subscribe to the following PowerSurf MB plans which are also available for postpaid subscribers: PowerSurf 99 (50 MB at P99 for 30 days), PowerSurf 299 (300 MB at P299 for 30 days), and PowerSurf 499 (1 GB at P499 for 30 days).


“We understand that mobile browsing users have different needs so we’re excited to let our subscribers know that they are empowered to choose which PowerSurf plan suits them best for a worry-free surfing experience,” said Jenny Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services. “So whatever your mobile browsing habits are or sites you go to, you can choose from which PowerSurf MB plan that suits you best so that you can go lang ng go with Globe Mobile Internet, your way.”

To register to any PowerSurf plan, dial *143# and press call for free. If you want to know more about other mobile surfing promos, visit Want to learn more about PowerSurf? Let psychic icon Madam Auring show you how! to laugh and learn with Madam Auring.