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11 Effective Ways to Save on Grocery

It is tough to decide on how much you should be spent on the grocery shopping. General recommended budget for the grocery is 10%-15% of monthly pay. As the cost of the food items are raising, it is essential to control money spent on grocery. It is important to shop smartly. There are a number of ways you can employ to reduce the cost of food and other goods.  The following are the few tips to help you save money at the grocery.

Make the Grocery list: Before you head to the supermarket it is essential to make the list of items to be purchased. This helps you to pick only the items that you need and move ahead without purchasing the unnecessary items. The more time you stay in the store the more you buy. Stick to the list that you have prepared.

clip_image0026_thumbUse Coupons: Coupons and vouchers collected from the local retailer will help to save a lot on the items. You can also collect the coupons from the newspaper.

Buy in Season: Go according to the season. There are various fruits and vegetables which are seasonal, buy them during the period when they are grown in plenty. This saves and also gives you the opportunity to relish them without spending a lot. Try to find the local grower’s market get them fresh and for affordable prices.

Grow your food: If you have a spacious backyard then, consider growing your own food. You can grow seasonal which are expensive. Also discuss with the local farmers for any advices. Grow strawberries, blackberries and raspberries which are loved by children and can be used to make various food items like jams and smoothies. Also preserve some of the food grains for future use.

Don’t take credit cards: Paying cash directly helps you to safeguard your budget. Using a credit card leads to extra payments and do not utilise them If you are not financial sound. Consider loans if you don’t have sufficient budget for the grocery.

Buy Generic: Avoid purchasing costly brands. Because of the recession there will only be a slight difference between the generic and brands.

Leave the kids at home: leaving kids at home helps you to shop without any distraction and you will concentrate on the purchase and also the kids may ask for extra expenditure.

Consider Shopping at different stores: Some stores may give good offers and visit the different stores alternatively to know the best prices of the items.

Buy in bulk: If you eat lots of cereal, pasta or any other food items which can be stored for a long time then buying them in bulk is a better option to save money on grocery. Offers are also available if bought in bulk so grab such offers.

Use less Meat: Meat is the most expensive food items, so include more include more veggies in your diet as this is healthy as well as pocket friendly. It is definitely challenging for people who have been habituated to meat, but to cut down the expenses it is the best strategy to follow.

Check the receipt: Always check your receipt whether you’re at the grocery store or departmental store. This will save the time and money it will also help to see if any extra items are added or paid for.

As economy is always fluctuating, it is important to save your money by cost cutting on unnecessary things as this helps you save your money and grocery is one area where you can concentrate for saving your penny.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims . Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport.