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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Speeches Go Smoothly

There are many aspects of a wedding that could be considered scary if not terrifying and these don’t necessarily just apply to the bride and groom. For many friends and family for instance the prospect of giving speeches is one that will haunt them in the build-up to be big day and that they will dread getting wrong, as well as being something that does involve a lot to go wrong.

Whether you’re the groom then, the best man, or the Father of the bride, then you might be finding yourself nervous leading up to the wedding, but fear not! With the right advice and some prep work there’s little that can go wrong here, so read on to find out how to avoid a calamity.

Setting the Tone

First of all you need to know what kind of tone to aim for with your speech though this is something many people struggle with. On the one hand of course you want your speech to be funny and often this will involve embarrassing the bride or groom, but at the same time you also need it to come across as sentimental and touching. All this without coming off as offensive or schmaltzy. The solution then is to come up with U/PG rated jokes that involve the couple, but to make sure these are the affectionate kind of jokes that show how much you know them and care – and then make sure you end up with something heartfelt. Consider as well your audience and read the speech through a number of times in your head imagining how their gran, friends, and mother would react to each bit. Take out anything that makes you wince when doing so.

Looking the Part

When you stand up to talk all eyes are going to be on you as will the lens of your wedding photographers. Make sure then that you look the part and this will help your speech to go down better. Before your talk go and spruce yourself up and make sure you look and feel confident.


To deliver your speech you want to make sure you engage the whole audience, that you use the space you have, and that you keep it flexible and lose. Use cue cards perhaps but don’t read from a script, and try to react to your audience and see what is going down better. By doing this it will be more like a conversation than a sermon and you will come off as more charismatic and friendly as a result.

Another tip when delivering your speech is to talk more slowly and this way you’ll find you seem more confident and intelligent and you’ll be more clear at the same time.

Combating Nerves

If you’re a nervous type there is no getting out of this particular bit of public performance. To combat nerves though and to make your talk more engaging one great trick the best man or Father can use is to bring in a projector and play a slide show while talking. This way you take some focus off of you, and you can get laughs without even having to say anything.


When Martha is not busy working, she loves spending time blogging or clicking pictures of mundane things. She also likes cooking and traveling.

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The Most Impressive Forms of Transport for Your Big Event

5870375235_f33d3d1d47If you are having a big event and you want to make a good impression, then there are few better ways to do so than by making a grand entrance. They always say that first impressions are very important, and when you turn up in an exciting way this will put everyone in the mood for a great party. Here then we will look at some of the best ways to make a great entrance, and some of the best vehicles to help you do it.


Human Powered Transport

Human powered transport of course describes any transport that you power with your own body, and this can include pedal power or anything else that you use yourself. Human powered transport tends to be very amusing because it’s different and unexpected, and it’s something that is almost the ‘reverse’ of turning up in a smart car. If you’re in a couple then why not use a tandem bicycle? Or if you want to do something that will have people rolling around laughing, then why not turn up on a pogo stick?


Get There Early

For my prom I couldn’t find an exciting vehicle to arrive in, so I opted instead to get there early, hide, and then just leap out on everyone at a random point early in the evening. It got a laugh, and as far as I’m aware no one else I know has ever done it. It’s old for me now, so you can use the idea – and best of all it won’t cost you a dime!



Emergency vehicles are something we often see but rarely get to interact with, and the whole job of something like a fire engine is to draw attention to itself. If you turn up in a fire engine then, this can be a great way to do something unexpected and to make sure people take notice. It’s a great option for proms again.


Luxury Cars

Everyone wants to ride in a luxury car, and the sheer fact that they’re so rare and exclusive makes them perfect for making an event seem more special and important. There’s a big selection here to suit every taste too, so decide whether you’d like to go in a classic car or a Lamborghini.



If you really want to make the occasion special then really you can’t do better than going by limousine which is often considered the most luxurious and elite vehicle of all. They’re also great to ride in giving you ample leg room and a plush interior and they draw a lot of attention to themselves due to their length. Why do you think it’s so popular to use a wedding limo for your wedding day?

Big Vehicles

If a long limousine draws attention to itself, then a huge hummer or tank will draw more attention to itself still. Try phoning up the nearest monster truck rally, or tank museum, and you may be surprised to find they provide rentals for special occasions.

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Is it Time to Buy a House With Your Partner?

When you’ve been in a relationship for a number of years, it can start to get to the point where it feels like you’re moving continuously from one big ‘step’ to the next and constantly committing yourself in different ways that force you to mature and take on more responsibility. This can be a very scary process to go through, but at the same time a very fulfilling and life affirming one that brings you closer to the person you love and gives your life more purpose and meaning. Despite this though, it’s also something that’s not to be taken lightly – particularly when it involves a big upheaval and a lot of money changing hands. Here we will look at how to be sure that you’re making the right decision when you choose to move in with your partner, and how to tell if now is the right time.

You’ve Been Together for a While

How long you need to be with someone before moving in with them will depend on your personal beliefs and on who you both are. This is a subjective matter that’s open to debate and as such there’s no ‘right’ or wrong answer.

What is important though is that you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time with your partner so that you understand who they are and how they tick. It can take as long as two years of knowing someone to really understand who they are, and even then people can change. One thing that’s advisable is to at least try living with your partner for a while before making the decision to buy together a you might find you are incompatible as roommates.

Your Friends Aren’t Worried

If you mention to your Mum/best friend that you’re moving in with your partner and they turn white as a sheet then this is something that’s worth looking into. Of course you shouldn’t let other people dictate your life, but it everyone you tell seems shocked and concerned then you should at least look into why they feel this way and ask yourself honestly if their concern is founded on anything real.

You’re Both in a Good Place

It’s not enough that you be a strong couple, but that you are both happy to move and are in a position to do so. This means you should have a career each that doesn’t require moving around too much, and it should mean that you have both done all the things you want to do like travelling or living abroad. There’s no point moving into a house together if you can’t commit to spending the time there or staying in that area for at least a couple of years.

You Have the Money

Of course it’s also important that you make sure you can both afford the move and that means that both of you should be able to move comfortably into somewhere big enough and where you can both make a fare contribution. If one of you pays much more than the other one then this can cause argument, or create a power imbalance. Likewise if you opt to move somewhere much smaller in order to be able to afford it, then you might find that it causes arguments and a lot of stress. Of course it might not be that you can’t move yet, just that you need to look for the best mortgage rates or move to a cheaper area.


Darlene Fernandez is from a finance background. She gives finance related tips, advice and solution in her blogs.

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How to Look (And Feel) Like a Hollywood Star

Looking your very best is an amazing feeling and something that goes a lot further than just getting us lots of compliments. When you really look your best it can enhance your confidence and make you feel on top of the world, while at the same time helping you to achieve more in several areas of your life from your sex life to your career – when you look great people want to be with you and they take you more seriously.

If you really look and feel great in fact then this can make you feel just like a Hollywood actor or actress and that’s something that many of us want on some level. Here then are some tips that can leave you feeling like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in no time at all.

Get Your Best Haircut

The first thing to do is to get the very best haircut you can afford. If you want to really feel refreshed and recharged then you should go for a new look that will make people see you in a new way, and for this you should try to get the best advise you can by going to a professional hair salon where they will be able to work with your face shape to come up with a look that perfectly suits you and that really works with your features. It may cost you a bit more than usual, but once you’ve had the new cut you can then ask your hairdresser next time to just trim it in the same shape.

Look After Your Skin

It’s hard to feel like Tom Cruise when you’re covered in greasy skin and acne. Having a good regime for your skin then is crucial if you want to really look your best so make sure you exfoliate and maintain a good diet, and perhaps start going to a sauna occasionally as part of your health and beauty regime. A bit of self tanning moisturiser can also make a big difference by giving you a health summer glow in just a few days.

Get a Makeover (Women)

Getting a makeover can be a matter of simply spending some money on really good quality makeup and mixing up your look with some bold. If you start using Revlon or another known brand then you should be able to see the difference and you can bet all the Hollywood stars use high quality makeup for their looks. Better yet, go for a makeover or lessons on how to apply your makeup better while working with your skin tone and features – things like contouring or choosing the right eyeshadow can really make a big difference.

Have a Wardrobe Redux

Go into your wardrobe, throw 90% of what you find out, and start over. Now this time think of buying just a few items that are very high quality instead of lots of items that you don’t care for that much. Buy your clothes in order to match and think about outfits more than individual items, and finally try wearing things you wouldn’t normally that will show you take your look seriously – high heels for women perhaps and a jacket for men.


Felicia Banks is a regular blogger who gives the beauty, skincare and make up tips on her blogs. Her last article was about the natural ways to remove tan.