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How To Make A Bow And Arrow

A lot of people who adore archery want to produce their own bow and arrow. In order for us to make a bow and arrow, we additionally need just a little preparation. If we make an idea, we can produce an improved bow and arrow. In order for us to make an archery gear, we require to have a piece of a glue-gun, arrow heads, sandpaper, string, handle, fabric tape, shaft, fins, little hand noticed, and wood. One method to create a great tool will be to analyze the actual thing. Below are some of the directions that we can follow.

1. Don’t forget to select a wood which is flexible enough. Some of the wood which are popular to make the bow contain teak, bamboo, oak, lemon tree, black locusts, hickory, and mulberry. Clear and it’s easier to reduce a wood which is still youthful in comparison with the tempered wood. Try and look for an archery shop and analyze the bow. Assess delicate the top of wood and how hefty.

2. Now that we’ve a concept about making the bow, then we can use the info that we saw from your local shop. Don’t forget to select a wood that additionally bends correctly, otherwise it won’t be a great bow. Virtually every wood substance will bend, select one that has the right curve. Cut the wood utilizing the little hand saw.

3. As a way to make the bow a powerful one, make sure the middle or the handle is thick enough. We also can shave off both ends of the bow utilizing a knife or a carving tool. The middle should be thick, and the conclusion sections should be more versatile. Use the sandpaper to refine the carved ends of the bow.

4. After completing the bow, we can begin preparing the notches. Be sure to give allowance on the measuring of the notch rather than just on the amount of the bow. We shall use the extra notches on both ends of the bow. Cords tend to be made from various materials like nylon, hemp twine, raw-hide, sinew or fishing line. Make sure as we link the cord to the bow it will not extend too much.

how to make bow and arrow

5. In regards to creating the arrow, just decide the wood that we need and then just attach the fins and the arrowhead or arrow tip. Make sure they don’t get loose readily. We can select from distinct arrow shafts like the cedar arrow shafts which are nowadays accessible virtually everywhere.

Making a bow and arrow can be incredibly simple if we’ve got an idea and sample stuff that we can follow with archerysupplier. We also can make a sketch on the layout before we begin to get the job done that we need.

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LED High Bay Lights – Learn More About It

led high bay lights

led high bay lights

There have always been troubles of one kind or another worrying indoor and exterior lighting. It was constantly a factor to consider when it pertained to this problem that they lights would certainly take up a lot of electrical power and the expense would be high. After a long wait led high bay lighting retrofit came to the rescue and they were electricity effective.

These lights emitted much more light, brightened a higher area, didn’t use as much electrical power and were energy efficient and therefore it became the lights people would pick when it came to lighting for their company or home residential properties. These high bay lights have a result of 75 lumen each watt and are three times as effective as steel halide lamps. So in they in fact burn much more vibrant compared to other lights this is essential when you want to have the ability to see about certain areas which have great deals of dark shadows. Dimmer lights merely don’t do also a work as these do.

It doesn’t flicker and does not get overheated. One more benefit is that these lights provide up to 80 % cost savings when taking into consideration electricity intake and will certainly provide you a 15 % to 20 % reduction on your air-conditioning expenditures. You will not need to fret about altering your high bay lights as usually considering that the LED high bay light offers a life span of greater than 50,000 hrs and much less upkeep is needed.

LED lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs

There are things to take note of before acquiring a LED high bay light. If you have a big location which is tough to illuminate properly or if you have electrical energy which is prone to pauses you intend to get this kind of light. It doesn’t flicker and make any sort of noises and it will brightly light a far away. It is also beneficial for job places since often laborers don’t obtain sufficient light and this can make their work much less effective. You have to be able to obtain light which you can depend on and which will not need to be altered as much and LED high bay lights are simply those sort of lights.

As you can see LED high bay lights cost considering for your lighting really needs because they will certainly conserve you money and are power efficient and will certainly last you a long period of time. You will not have to fret that unexpectedly the light will certainly stress out since these lights provide you so many more hrs of service. In the long run you will certainly also have saved money on electric expenses and you will certainly be glad that you opted to acquire and install LED high bay lights. The most effective thing is that you can depend on them to keep working over and over again and not needing to replace them as typically is a really great benefit.


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The Most Impressive Forms of Transport for Your Big Event

5870375235_f33d3d1d47If you are having a big event and you want to make a good impression, then there are few better ways to do so than by making a grand entrance. They always say that first impressions are very important, and when you turn up in an exciting way this will put everyone in the mood for a great party. Here then we will look at some of the best ways to make a great entrance, and some of the best vehicles to help you do it.


Human Powered Transport

Human powered transport of course describes any transport that you power with your own body, and this can include pedal power or anything else that you use yourself. Human powered transport tends to be very amusing because it’s different and unexpected, and it’s something that is almost the ‘reverse’ of turning up in a smart car. If you’re in a couple then why not use a tandem bicycle? Or if you want to do something that will have people rolling around laughing, then why not turn up on a pogo stick?


Get There Early

For my prom I couldn’t find an exciting vehicle to arrive in, so I opted instead to get there early, hide, and then just leap out on everyone at a random point early in the evening. It got a laugh, and as far as I’m aware no one else I know has ever done it. It’s old for me now, so you can use the idea – and best of all it won’t cost you a dime!



Emergency vehicles are something we often see but rarely get to interact with, and the whole job of something like a fire engine is to draw attention to itself. If you turn up in a fire engine then, this can be a great way to do something unexpected and to make sure people take notice. It’s a great option for proms again.


Luxury Cars

Everyone wants to ride in a luxury car, and the sheer fact that they’re so rare and exclusive makes them perfect for making an event seem more special and important. There’s a big selection here to suit every taste too, so decide whether you’d like to go in a classic car or a Lamborghini.



If you really want to make the occasion special then really you can’t do better than going by limousine which is often considered the most luxurious and elite vehicle of all. They’re also great to ride in giving you ample leg room and a plush interior and they draw a lot of attention to themselves due to their length. Why do you think it’s so popular to use a wedding limo for your wedding day?

Big Vehicles

If a long limousine draws attention to itself, then a huge hummer or tank will draw more attention to itself still. Try phoning up the nearest monster truck rally, or tank museum, and you may be surprised to find they provide rentals for special occasions.

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Be the First to own iPhone 5

Promotion duration:  September 28, 2012 to October 5, 2012, raffle draw on October 6, 2012



–          Open to all registered users of Lazada of legal age, who are residing in the Philippines.  They must also have a Lazada account and corresponding account information such as the user’s first name, surname, e-mail address, gender and date of birth, his/her mailing address and his/her billing address.

How to Join:

–          For a minimum single purchase P 2,000 of the products available starting 12pm, September 28, 2012 to 11:59pm, October 5, 2012 entitles a customer to one (1) raffle stub.

–          A customer can qualify and get as many raffle tickets as he or she can provide single purchase of any of the items be done.  One (1) raffle ticket is equivalent to minimum purchase of P 2,000.


1 iPhone 5 will be given away


–          A qualifying customer gets a confirmation email that he or she is eligible for the raffle draw. The email shall also contain the raffle ticket number and the terms and conditions of the raffle draw.

–          The winners will be selected at random on October 6, 2012, 4PM, at the main office of Lazada Philippines.  The names of the entrants will be printed and folded, placed in a box, and a Lazada representative will pick the 2 winners, witnessed by a DTI representative.

–          The winners will be informed through phone call and registered mail. The prize will be delivered to the preferred address, or collected at the Lazada office.  If it’s the latter, the winner has 90 days from receipt of the registered mail to pick up the winning prize from Lazada.

–          Lazada employees and their relatives up to the 3rd degree consanguinity or affinity are excluded from participating in this promotion.

Terms and Conditions:

–          By joining this promo, a customer confirms that he or she has read and understood, and agree to the promo mechanics, including but not limited to its terms and conditions.

–          Cancelled orders before October 6, 2012 will automatically be disqualified from the raffle draw.

–          Prizes are not convertible to cash and non-transferrable.

–          In claiming the prize, the winner needs to present at least one valid ID and the receipt of the original purchased item. Lazada has the right to ask for another ID if deemed necessary.

–          In case of a winner’s representative claiming the prize, an authorization letter coming from the winner must be presented together with the winner’s valid ID and the receipt of the original purchased of the item and the representative’s valid ID. The winner’s signature in the ID and the authorization letter presented must be the same. The authorization letter must state the full name of the representative claiming the prize on his or her behalf.

–          Number of times a person may win:  A person can win only once.

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Globe takes you to the world of megabytes-based plans

So you’re a mobile internet addict. You find solace sitting in a corner surfing the World Wide Web using your trusty smartphone. You respond to an e-mail, download a gaming application, post a status on Facebook, re-tweet a nice quote on Twitter, upload photos and stream videos, search Google, browse movie schedules, or chat with friends. Your phone has become as dynamic as your lifestyle, keeping you connected anytime, anywhere.


But do you know that you can maximize your mobile browsing experience based on your surfing activities and sites you visit by choosing the right MB based plan? Globe Telecom, voted as the most popular service provider for mobile internet services in the Yahoo! Net Index 2011, gives you the power of megabytes (MB) in mobile browsing via Globe PowerSurf, a consumable mobile internet plan that allow you to have full control over your mobile browsing usage so you can surf wherever, whenever, whichever way you choose.


Available to Globe and TM subscribers, PowerSurf MB is best if you’re the type who wants to stay connected all the time with regular feeds from your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It’s also best suited for those who want to keep their apps updated and constantly receive notifications. These updates and feeds usually consume very minimal internet data or KB, which allows you to stay connected over long durations. PowerSurf MB promotes KB-based browsing, which means you can stay connected and only get charged once you send or receive data. And since PowerSurf gives you bulk megabytes (MB) of mobile internet, which is consumable per kilobyte (KB), you can stay connected longer.


Curious about how much KBs or MBs are consumed when you visit your favorite internet sites on mobile? 1 instant messaging/chat is worth 10 KB, 1 Facebook or Twitter post is 20 KB, 1 webpage view is 200 KB, 1 email with Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachment is 300 KB, 1 download/upload of file is 500 KB, 1 minute of video streaming is 3.5 MB, and 1 download of an application/game/song is 4 MB. You do the math and see which Globe mobile internet plan best fits you and your budget.


PowerSurf MB comes in different variants: PowerSurf 15, PowerSurf 30 and PowerSurf 50 are available for prepaid subscribers. PowerSurf 15 has 20MB for P15 valid for 1 day, PowerSurf 30 has 50MB for P30 also valid for 1 day, while PowerSurf 50 has 100MB for P50 valid for 3 days. Prepaid subscribers looking for PowerSurf plans that have longer validity or higher MB allocation can subscribe to the following PowerSurf MB plans which are also available for postpaid subscribers: PowerSurf 99 (50 MB at P99 for 30 days), PowerSurf 299 (300 MB at P299 for 30 days), and PowerSurf 499 (1 GB at P499 for 30 days).


“We understand that mobile browsing users have different needs so we’re excited to let our subscribers know that they are empowered to choose which PowerSurf plan suits them best for a worry-free surfing experience,” said Jenny Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services. “So whatever your mobile browsing habits are or sites you go to, you can choose from which PowerSurf MB plan that suits you best so that you can go lang ng go with Globe Mobile Internet, your way.”

To register to any PowerSurf plan, dial *143# and press call for free. If you want to know more about other mobile surfing promos, visit Want to learn more about PowerSurf? Let psychic icon Madam Auring show you how! to laugh and learn with Madam Auring.

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Why should you get your iPhone 4S from Globe, we let you count the ways

Just days after receiving the first stocks of the much-anticipated iPhone 4S, Globe Telecom counts the ways why you should get your iPhone 4S from the one who knows the roster of Apple devices best.

Topping the list is the exclusive trade-in scheme for existing iPhone users who want to upgrade their Apple devices for the ultimate experience. Users of Globe-issued iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in good working condition can trade-in their units at a specified trade-in value, which may be applied and treated as a discount for qualified purchases or availments of iPhone 4S at designated Globe stores and launch venues on December 16, 2011. The scheme applies for all existing prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Globe.

Aside from the trade-in, Globe subscribers can also purchase a case for their newly-bought iPhone 4S at 20% off the original price. Dress up your newest Apple baby in time for the holiday season by taking advantage of this exciting discount available untilDecember 31 only from Globe.

The iPhone 4S is best enjoyed with a slew of mobile applications to take your smartphone experience up a notch. By getting the much-talked about device from Globe, you are also rewarded with free applications – from games, social networking, lifestyle, to entertainment and sports. Just text REWARDS APP to 4438 on your iPhone 4S to get your dose of free apps. An exclusive app for Globe subscribers using the iPhone 4S who want to check their balance is also available for free. Through this app, users can subscribe to a wide array of text, call and mobile browsing promos with a simple touch on the screen. Talk about form and functionality, brought to you by Globe! Just text IPHONE to 2222 for free to download the app.

And because the iPhone 4S is such an amazing device, Globe pairs it with its equally amazing postpaid plans that are customizable, consumable and affordable. Under the different plans are bundled offers, which include unlimited access to mobile internet. Globe understands that the iPhone 4S is a data-intensive smartphone, with users more prone to bill shock because of features such as Siri and iCloud. With Globe data plans giving users unlimited mobile internet with fixed charges, there’s no way you’ll receive postpaid bills that will make your hair rise.

“Globe is off to a great start with iPhone 4S and it’s looking to become a hit with our customers,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Adviser for Consumer Business of Globe Telecom, “On top of the great value-for-money plans that we have lined-up for our customers we are giving them the power to choose what plan they want to go with iPhone4S, so they can enjoy this breakthrough device their way.”

On top of giving customers the power to choose their own plans, they can also order their iPhone 4S devices through various options — they can have it picked up at all Globe stores nationwide or they can choose to have their iPhone 4s delivered by calling the Customer Sales hotline at 730-1010, or ordering online via

The number of online pre-orders for iPhone 4S on Globe Telecom’s pre-order website continues to swell, with thousands signing-up for the latest iPhone model, outpacing the volume of orders when Globe launched the iPhone 4 last year despite being carried by another operator. Globe started taking pre-orders for iPhone 4S last December 1, 2011. To place an order, log on to at

So you’ve counted the ways why it’s best to get your iPhone 4S from Globe. What are you waiting for? Take that big bite and be part of the Apple-mania once again with a thousand reasons more.

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Download Grand Theft Auto III now on Android and iOS

Good news for Grand Theft Auto fanatics out there! You can now enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto III anywhere and anytime you want. It is now available on mobile devices running Android and iOS.


Universal App:
Grand Theft Auto III is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2.


• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
• HD quality resolution
• Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay

DOWNLOAD from iTunes.


· Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
· HD quality resolution
· Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
· Custom controls for the mobile platform
· Countless hours of gameplay
· Gamepad Support for select USB controllers
DOWNLOAD from Android Market